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Metal door frame handing chart


For the rough opening, use the following guidelines: Classic Adjust - Frame Width +5/8" Frame Height + 3/8" Single Rabbet - Frame Width +1" Frame Height + 3/4" InSwing - Frame Width +1-3/4" Frame Height + 1" Refer to specific installation manuals prior to preparing openings

All Ezy-Jambs are made to order.

Lead times apply to all Ezy-Jamb orders. Typical lead time from date of order to date of delivery is 15-20 working days. Longer lead times may apply in some cases. Always confirm exact lead time with Ezy-Jamb prior to placing order.

All orders are accepted by Ezy-Jamb on a FIFO basis (first in, first out). For urgent orders, please refer to the point below.


For urgent orders, manufacturing processes can be expedited on request. Expedited orders can be dispatched within 7-10 working days from receipt of order. A minimum charge of $100 or 40% of total order cost, whichever is greater, is applicable to expedited orders.

  • Expedition of Ezy-Jamb orders is not always possible and is subject to operational requirements. Always confirm exact lead time with Ezy-Jamb prior to placing order.



  • Custom size Ezy-Jambs are available on request. Longer lead times and additional charges may apply for custom sizes.


  • All prices for Ezy-Jambs, accessories and associated processes do not include freight charges unless expressly noted in writing.
  • Always confirm pricing prior to placing your order.


  • Latch plate punching is standard at 38”. All latch plate punching dimensions are measured from the floor level up.
  • Custom latch plate punching is available on request.


  • Ezy-Jambs are shipped as a boxed kit for increased protection in transit.
  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure goods are shipped and handled with care, it is inevitable that goods will occasionally be damaged in transit. Shipping insurance to cover the cost of replacement of goods only is available at a rate of $35.00 per jamb set. Refer to Studco’s standard terms and conditions for further clarification.


  • As all Ezy-Jambs are made specifically to order to individual requirements, all Ezy-Jamb door jambs are non-returnable and non- refundable. All orders forEzy-Jamb door jambs are also irrevocable after OPENING PREPARATION two (2) hours of Ezy-Jamb receiving the order, due to manufacturing and scheduling requirements.

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