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Zaha Hadid's international body of work is largely defined by graceful curves inspired by nature. She brings this sensibility to 520 West 28th, marking a dramatic shift away from the hard angles that dominate standard residential architecture.

The building's elegant hand-rubbed metal facade is driven by one continuous line, which loops its way skywards. These dynamic curves create a distictive chevron pattern that ebraces interlacing levels, maximizing privacy and security between residences. As the chevron weaves up from the ground, its folds create a multi-level design that links residence exteriors and interiors together in one sweeping movement. The result is a verticallandscape sitting directly on the High Line, comprising of 39 unique residences.

EzyJamb SRC and ISD frames prepared for concealed hinges were chosen to compliment the simplistic, contemporary interior spaces.

 520 West 28th Street uses EzyJamb frames for concealed door hinges

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