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Trimless door frames... Make a statement, clean lines, flush finish... Give your project a clean cut edge!

The EzyJamb InSwing ISD Trimless door frame is simple to in stall, and requires no special maintenance. InSwing is designed to be flush to the wall on the exterior side of the opening, but allows the door to swing into the room.
The system is complemented by a range of hardware to suit different applications.The completed jamb is flush finished and can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixing, achieving simple clean lines around the door face. The incorporation of reinforced edges overcomes the continual damage door jambs are subjected to by normal everyday use.

EzyJamb is excited to announce the launch of our InSwing frame profile. This unique patent pending frame profile enables the door to be flush to the exterior wall while allowing for the door to be inward opening. “Innovation and design are what continues to keep EzyJamb as the global leader in flush finish door frame solutions” – Ben Stevens, VP Global Business Development

Ezy Jamb Inswing minimalist door design Ezy Jamb interior door frame example
Inswing hidden door hinge drawing Ezy Jamb concealed door hinge

 Inswing interior door frame with flush door hardware


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